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Mantra – Sounds into Silence

Atmo Georgia presents her new project: a documentary film on the Mantra and Kirtan movement.

Into Being by Praful

Chinmaya Dunster reviews Praful's latest album.

Osho Festival UK

The date in your agenda: 27th-31st August 2015!

One Track Heart

Bhagawati reviews the film - the story of Krishna Das.

Into the Heart

A three hour life-stream with Turiya scheduled for Tuesday, May 26, 2015 on conscious 2.

Bet the Farm

Kaiyum reviews Frederick Kaufman's investigative and electrifying book on how food stopped being food.

Laughter, Joy and Silence with Osho on Raahgiriday

Osho World joins Hindustan Times' stage for Raahgiriday in New Delhi.

Elephant Raga by Prartho

Madhuri reviews Prartho's new, award-winning poetry book.

For the Joy of Being

An invitation to Love Mobs from Mahendra: 13th June in Munich, Germany.

The Goob

Prem Geet reviews this stunning first feature film.

Sexuality and New Religious Movements

Roshani talks about the book by Henrik Bogdan and James R. Lewis, New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.

Indian e-Tourist Visa now for 150 Countries

UK, Canada, Malaysia, France and China to be included in the expanded scheme.

Stars in my Pocket

Anubuddha's review of Peter Makena's latest album.

Earthquake in Nepal also affected Osho Tapoban

Reportedly all sannyasins are well. Reconstruction begins. Link to fundraiser.

Detoxify Or Die

Kaiyum reviews Sherry A. Rogers' book.

On the Edge by Punya

Madhuri reviews Punya's recently released book about living with Osho.

Osho Meditation Festival in Colombia

Dhyana invites all to come visit Colombia, 9-13 September 2015

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

Kaiyum reviews Annie Kagan's intriguing book.

The Giver

A film review by Ghoshen.

A Mountain in China by Veena

Dhiren reviews Veena's latest book about her thrilling journeys of discovery on Song Mountain in China.

Osho Transformation Tarot

A new edition of our first tarot card set had just come out. Remember them?

Remembering Dave Frohnmeyer

On the occasion of Dave Frohnmeyer's death on March 9, 2015, Sangeet writes about her personal interactions with him.

The Rebel of Benaras

Sanjay reviews Anil Sethi's recently published book on Kabir.

Ban on Cow Slaughter

Widely reported in the media, cow slaughter in Maharashtra state has been banned.


Bhagawati reviews a film by Damien Chazelle, starring J.K. Simmons (who just won this year’s Oscar for Best Supporting Actor) and Miles Teller.

Zen Moments

Chinmaya reviews Shastro and Raphaël Pinel's newly released CD.

Bride Weds Guest in Fit of Rage

As reported by The Times of India on February 17, 2015, a curious incident happened at what must have been a prearranged wedding in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. The marriage had to take [...]

History of the Karmapas

Kaiyum reviews this fascinating book by Lama Kunsang, Lama Pemo and Marie Aubèle with the subtitle, The Odyssey of the Tibetan Masters with the Black Crown.

Ten Predictions for 2015

Ray Foy reviews John Hogue's (aka Arjuna) latest publication.

Mr. Nobody

Ghoshen reviews a film by Jaco van Dormael, starring Jared Leto, Sarah Polley, Diane Kruger.

Reiki Hands of Love

Tanmaya's review on Chaitanya Hari's most recent album.

The Rebellious Flower – Final Stage

As reported a little more than a year ago, Jagdish Bharti’s feature film on Osho has been produced in a timely fashion and is about to be released.

Osho’s ‘New Dimensions of Yoga’ Looks at Yoga as a Science

Sravanth Verma writes in Digital Journal, India on December 9, 2014:

Australian Rhapsody

Paritosho reviews Paripurn's latest book.

Working title: Trash is Treasure

Samudra's new book on ecodesign, modern nomadism and living consciously seeks crowdfunding for publication.

Music for Massage

Sona reviews Malimba's most recent compilation.

Vatican Suffers From “Pathology of Power” and “Existential Schizophrenia”

Gaia Pianigiani writes in the International New York Times, USA, on December 22, 2014.

Christmas Blessings

A letter from Dhyan Avesh.

East and West Merge in Music for Osho (+ video)

at Osho World Galleria on December 5, 2014 in New Delhi, India

Could it be B12?

Kaiyum reviews Sally M. Pacholok and Jeffrey J. Stuart's book.

India Launches E-Visa for 43 Nations

Reported by The Times of India, New Delhi, on November 28, 2014.

Sannyas Rebels in Georgia

Madita writes about her recent adventures and experiences in Georgia (formerly part of the Soviet Union).

Inside the Cosmic Mind

Agnes Liebhardt's review of Phoebe's recently published book on astrology.

Nataraj – The Lord of Dance

Jivan's introduction to the end-of-year Dance Festival in Delhi.

Putin says, ‘Love is the meaning of life’

Unprecedented remarks by the Russian President published in RT on November 7, 2014.

Adrenal Fatigue

Kaiyum reviews James L. Wilson's book on the 21st century stress syndrome.

New CD: Lost and Found

Madhuri reviews Tanmayo's recently released album.

The Little Buddha and the Cosmos

Kaiyum reviews Svarup and Premartha's (Svaprem) book.

Osho Meditation in Oz

Shahido writes about the latest meditation events in Australia.